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Nature's Tears Mist (1 fl. oz.)

Nature's Tears Mist (1 fl. oz.)

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5 Star Rated!
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Nature's Tears Mist (1 fl. oz.)

NATURE'S TEARS is an all-natural Eye-Mist containing Bio-Logic Aqua tissue-culture grade water-pure, pH correct and bio-compatible with the eye's natural tear film. Restores lost moisture to the tear film's delicate aqueous layer, the skin of the eyelids and the skin around he eyes. NATURE'S TEARS is not eye drops.

NATURE'S TEARS EyeMist is a new convenience applied any time, any place, without lifting the eyelid or disrupting most actives. The unique, patent-pending, micron-size mist does not flood the tear film and is sterile, safe, propellant-free and preservative free.

NATURE'S TEARS contains no chemicals to irritate eyes or surrounding sensitive areas. May be used with all other eye care products. Will not disturb make-up. Apply NATURE'S TEARS natural moisture as often as desired.

  • Does not flood tear film
  • Preservative-free
  • Sterile
  • Non-allergenic
  • Contact lens-safe

Size: 1 fl oz. (30mL) bottle

Ingredients: Currently unavailable

Customer Ratings for Nature's Tears Mist (1 fl. oz.)

5 Star Rated!
I bought Nature's Tears EyeMist and am completely satisfied! I wear glasses and contacts and work at a computer all day, so my eyes are dry and red. Nature's Tears really helps bring moisture back and sooth the itchy feeling.
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5 Star Rated!
I use it on my small child. She won't let me use drops and this is perfect :-)
342 / 706 people found this review relevant. yes    no Rate Review
5 Star Rated!
This product is so great, it is convenient and I don't have to slow down to fuss with drops. And it is so soothing for my irritated eyes during allergy season.
289 / 638 people found this review relevant. yes    no Rate Review
5 Star Rated!
I have been using this product for nearly 5 years with no problems. It is amazingly easy to apply and soothes instantly. I love it!
285 / 635 people found this review relevant. yes    no Rate Review
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