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Refresh Plus Eye Drops (30 ct.)
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Refresh Plus Eye Drops (30 ct.)

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5 Star Rated!
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Refresh Plus Eye Drops (30 ct.)

Refresh Plus Lubricant Eye Drops relieves dry eye discomfort brought on by prolonged contact lens wear and other forms of irritants. The fast-acting, long-lasting preservative-free formula instantly moisturizes with many of the same properties as natural tears. The over-the-counter artificial tear has also demonstrated to relieve dry eye after having LASIK surgery.

  • Preservative free
  • Lubricant Eye Drops
  • Safe to use as often as necessary for 24-hour relief

Size: 30 containers .01 fl oz (0.4 mL) each

Ingredients: Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Water (Purified), Sodium Chloride, Sodium Lactate, May Contain (+/-)

Customer Ratings for Refresh Plus Eye Drops (30 ct.)

4 Star Rated!
Date:  6/14/2009
Reviewer:  anonymous
Good - or as good as artificial drops get. Real tears would get 5 stars! Doesn't leave a build-up, and after a few minutes relieves soreness. You may have to renew application during the night, but it's quite possible to do this in the dark. No preservatives is a Good Thing.
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5 Star Rated!
Date:  11/24/2015
Reviewer:  Frances
Recommended by doctor for dry eye..Works immediately. Great
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