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Price includes frames and our standard lens package. Our standard lens package features high-quality CR39 plastic lenses and a durable anti-scratch coating.

If your prescription is stronger than +/- 3.00 we recommend polycarbonate or High Index 1.67 lenses to ensure that your glasses look and feel great.

Amcon RGP Contact Lens Inserter/Remover
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Amcon RGP Contact Lens Inserter/Remover

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5 Star Rated!
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RGP Contact Lens Inserter/Remover

Problems inserting or removing RGP contacts? We have the solution! The RGP Inserter/Remover provides an easy and safe alternative to typical insertion/removal methods. Cut down on damaging and scratching your lens by using this soft yet effective contact lens accessory. Priced right, you'll want to stock up!
  • Helps reduce damage and scratches on lens due to traditional insertion/removal methods
  • Gentle enough for sensitive eyes
  • Hole free applicator

Includes 1 Inserter/Remover

Customer Ratings for Amcon RGP Contact Lens Inserter/Remover

5 Star Rated!
Date:  10/24/2006
Reviewer:  anonymous
works great plain and simple.
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5 Star Rated!
Date:  1/2/2007
Reviewer:  Terry
Since using this item to remove my RGP contacts, I've had fewer problems with scratched or damaged lenses. By carrying it with me, I can remove my lenses for quick inspection or cleaning without smearing my makeup as I would with the "pop out" method of removal. Also, it keeps the lens from scratching my eye during the "pop out" removal method. I won't be without this remover.
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5 Star Rated!
Date:  4/6/2008
Reviewer:  Judy
I am 60 years old and have worn gas permeable contact lenses my whole adult life. As I have aged, my lids have become less taut and I began having difficulty popping out my lenses. I would be in tears and my eyelids would become red and raw from stretching them in an effort to remove a lens. I found this product by simply typing "contact lens remover" into my Google search engine. (I figured there had to be a product out there used to remove the contact lenses from an unconscious person.) This product is amazing! I no longer worry about taking my lenses out. I even feel comfortable doing so in a public restroom because I have total control. This product is better than another one from a competitor that has a hole in the center of it. The RGP Inserter/Remover works flawlessly every time. I wish I had known about it years ago!
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5 Star Rated!
Date:  1/24/2007
Reviewer:  Stephanie
Many years ago, I bought all of these that my optician had, because she told me that the item was being discontinued because of safety concerns. I've used it for years with no problem. Long story short, the last one fell apart and for the last month, I've been removing my lenses the traditional way. Three nights ago, I could not, could not, could not get a lens out, and ended up injuring my eye and making an emergency visit to the doctor. I am soooo delighted that these are still in production, and plan to keep a good supply on hand.
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5 Star Rated!
Date:  4/21/2008
Reviewer:  JGH
If you have trouble removing your contact lens the old fashioned way-- the RGP Remover is for you! I was ready to stop wearing my contacts altogether until I found this. It's extractingly wonderful!
339 / 707 people found this review relevant. yes    no Rate Review
5 Star Rated!
Date:  12/23/2006
Reviewer:  Chris
After snapping one of my lenses in half trying to remove them with the "blink against it" method my eye doctor tried to get me to do, he gave me one of these to use - works flawlessly every time. And it's fun to watch people's expressions when you shove a plunger in your eye.
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