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OptiGear Soft Lens Inserter/Remover

OptiGear Soft Lens Inserter/Remover

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4 Star Rated!
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OptiGear Soft Lens Inserter/Remover

No more struggling when inserting your contact lenses. Whether a pro or new to contacts, this handy tool will be your new best friend. Stock up today!
  • The OptiGear brand soft contact lens inserter/remover.
  • The safe and easy way to insert and remove your soft contact lenses.

Customer Ratings for OptiGear Soft Lens Inserter/Remover

4 Star Rated!
This is an easy and affordable alternative to contact lens removal. Much better than the conventional finger methods, and much less of a hassle.
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5 Star Rated!
Thank you so much AC Lens. I love this product. I just received my package and I opened it right away. The first time I used it, I got my contact lens in on the first try. I will be ordering from AC Lens again soon. Thank you so much
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4 Star Rated!
I am a heavy equipment operator and my hands get rough and very dirty with dust, oil and grease. I obviously don't want any of these materials on my contacts and don't always have the opportunity to wash my hands so this works great for removing or placing the contacts back into my eyes without actually touching them.
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3 Star Rated!
Im not one to touch my eyes so this is a good tool. I use it to insert my soft lenses, but I found flatteneing out the top of it works better than using it with the contact lens shape at the end since the lens seems to stick to it. If you dont want to touch your eyes or have "pokephobia" then this is a good tool for you.
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5 Star Rated!
I bought this tool for my mother. After years of me having to put her contacts on for her she finally can put them on herself with this simple tool. It has saved me many trips to my mom's house.
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