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Softsert Lensvue 2
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Softsert Lensvue 2

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4 Star Rated!
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Softsert Lensvue 2

The Softsert Lensvue 2 is a soft lens viewer/inserter with magnification that shows you if your lens is inside out. High magnification helps you see lens logo or markings to ensure you are inserting the lens correctly. After viewing and confirming the lens is not inverted, the Lensvue brand applicator then applies the lens with just a gentle touch.

  • Comes with a storage and disinfecting container.
  • Helps with viewing any debris, nicks, or tears on your lenses that may be causing eye discomfort.

Customer Ratings for Softsert Lensvue 2

5 Star Rated!
Date:  12/28/2007
Reviewer:  anonymous
Used Lensvue2 for the first time and immediately knew if the lens was inside out. It also inserted my lenses...what a neat little gadget! Highly recommended!! Stacey
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5 Star Rated!
Date:  2/27/2008
Reviewer:  anneelise
I bought this out of curiosity mainly. But the detail it gives on the state of your lenses is amazing. I've gone back and rinsed again based on what I saw. And the best part is that when I take my lenses out of the cleaner, I can see how truly clean they are. The insertion is easy and more reliable than your finger.
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2 Star Rated!
Date:  6/18/2009
Reviewer:  anonymous
Sorry to say I did not find the lens vue helpful. I admit much may be my lack of skill or finess with cl insertion and removal but I still have problems seeing the marker on the side of the lens even using the lensvue2. The lens sticks to everything and it is difficult for me to position it perfectly symetrical on the top and even wearing glasses I find the markers hard to see, some lens may not even have a marker (trying various brands)perhaps I havent found the correct lens for myself yet and that might be why I cant see! But when I use to insert the lens it never comes off the lens vue it sticks to it. So I will order another brand insertion tool I have given up on the viewing part anyway!
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4 Star Rated!
Date:  6/4/2009
Reviewer:  anonymous
OK I just received this lensvue device today and I am only a month long wearer of lenses so maybe I still have much to learn, but I did not find this to be that fabulous, specifically if the contact lens is not precisely centered on the top of the device it will be difficult if even possible to see the inside/outside mark on the lens. Secondly not all lenses apparently have such a mark and if one doesn't know what to look for or if its even present this can not help there either. It will however show a lot of detail and if there is dirt or debris on a lens one can prevent possible infections based on this info. I could not use it to insert a lens at all but I do believe that is due to my being fairly new to this and I just finally figured it out using my finger and I am kind of squeamish to put this device right up to my eye, don't know what I am "afraid" of but I think its more just a reflex to pull back when something approaches my eye,like with the glaucoma test I know it wont hurt and have had it done but still I pull away at the last second! I hope and trust this reflex will wear off or at least decrease with continued practice.
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5 Star Rated!
Date:  2/12/2009
Reviewer:  Helen Walters
Fantastic. I use this gadget so much. I am thinking of purchasing another one in case I misplace my original. It is so useful and handy.
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