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Ciba Vision Clear Care Cleaning & Disinfecting Contact Lens Solution 3floz

Ciba Vision Clear Care Cleaning & Disinfecting Contact Lens Solution 3floz

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5 Star Rated!
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Clear Care Cleaning & Disinfecting Contact Lens Solution 3floz

Clear Care Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution (Travel Size with Lens Case) simultaneously cleans, disinfects and even removes protein deposits right in the case.

Clear Care bubbles to actively clean, disinfect and remove protein from lenses without the harsh chemicals and added preservatives found in multi-purpose solutions. It kills germs and bacteria that can cause serious infections. Bubbling action removes protein, dirt and build-up.

Clear Care Disposable lens case with neutralizing disc. No preservatives or harsh chemicals enter your eye. Neutralizes the active disinfectant to create a gentle saline solution close to your own tears. Pluronic 17R4 for the cleanest, most comfortable lenses. Built-in cleaner. Cleans without rubbing.

  • Clinically Proven #1 In Comfort
  • No Rub
  • A Convenient and Highly Effective System For Simultaneous Cleaning, Daily Protein Removal, and Disinfecting of Soft (Hydrophilic) and Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses As Recommended By Your Eye Care Professional
  • **This product uses 3% hydrogen peroxide which can cause a burning sensation when not used according to the manufacturer directions. Please read the label carefully when using Clear Care products.

Clear Care Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution Travel Size Includes:

  • 3 fl oz (90 ml) travel size bottle
  • Lens case

Ingredients: Micro-filtered Hydrogen Peroxide 3% , Sodium Chloride 0.79%, Stabilized with Phosphoric Acid, Fluronic 17R4a cleaning agent

Customer Ratings for Ciba Vision Clear Care Cleaning & Disinfecting Contact Lens Solution 3floz

5 Star Rated!
Date:  3/27/2009
Reviewer:  anonymous
it cleans my contacts the best
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