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Common Alternate Names & Spellings

If you have tried searching our site for your contact lens, and have not found it, you may want to check the following list of alternate names and spellings for your lens:

    Alternative names/spellings for Acuvue:
  1. Accuvue
  2. Accuevue
  3. Acueview
  4. Acuevue
  5. Acuview
  6. Acuv
  7. Acuve
  8. Accuview
  9. Accuve
  10. Accu-view
  11. Acuvue 2 Alternative names/spelling: Acuvue2, Acuview 2, Acuve 2, Accuview 2, Accuvue 2
  12. Acuvue 2 Colours Alternative names/spelling: Acuvue 2 Colors, Acuvue2 Colors, Acuvue Colours
    Alternative names/spellings for Contact Lenses:
  1. contacs
  2. conact lenses
  3. concact lens
  4. concat lenses
  5. contac
  6. contac lenses
  7. cotnacts
  8. cotnact lenses
    Alternative names/spellings for Acuvue Oasys:
  1. acuvue oasis
  2. oasis
  3. acuve oasys
  4. acuve oasis
    Alternative names/spellings for Freshlook:
  1. Fresh Look
  2. Freashlook
    Alternative names/spellings for CooperVision:
  1. CooperVision
  2. Bioinfinity
  3. Avira
  4. Avara
  5. Aviara
    Alternative names/spellings for Vision Accessories:
  1. eyedrops

Other searching tips:

  1. Always be sure to leave spaces where needed when constructing your seach - searching for contact lenses will generally produce a different result than searching for contactlenses. Likewise acuvue 2 is different than acuvue2, contact lens is different than contactlens and so on.
  2. Your contact lens prescription may have the lens name abbreviated. For example, Acuvue 2 is often written AV 2, or AV2, or AV II. These are all the same contact lens. Likewise, your doctor may write Freq55 for Frequency 55 etc.