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Standard Lens Package

Price includes frames and our standard lens package. Our standard lens package features high-quality CR39 plastic lenses and a durable anti-scratch coating.

If your prescription is stronger than +/- 3.00 we recommend polycarbonate or High Index 1.67 lenses to ensure that your glasses look and feel great.

General 12-Pack Screw-Top Contact Lens Case
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General 12-Pack Screw-Top Contact Lens Case

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4 Star Rated!
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12-Pack Screw-Top Contact Lens Case

The Screw-top contact lens case allows for easy storage of your contact lenses and conveniently fits in the smallest purse or handbag. The 12-Pack delivers a years supply of cases, using a new case every month as recommended by optometrists.

  • 12 Screw-top contact lens cases.
  • Order 12 of the same color, or get an assorted pack.

Customer Ratings for General 12-Pack Screw-Top Contact Lens Case

4 Star Rated!
Date:  12/5/2008
Reviewer:  babeegyrl
Although the cases are a little shallow, they still do the job. I have not had a hard time getting my contacts out. You don't have to apply a lot of force to close tightly either. For the price, these are definitely okay.
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2 Star Rated!
Date:  12/25/2015
Reviewer:  Denise
I purchased 2 of the 12 packs. A Dozen in Blue & the other dozen in Pink.
I didn't realize that they were flat bottomed. Very hard to get a RGP lens out of the case if it accidentally flips upside down. Also with the blue cases, you really can't see if the RGP lens is in the case because my lenses are a light blue.

I also occasionally wear soft lenses. When you use these cases for soft lenses you need to fill them to the top due to them being flat bottomed. Again also if you use the blue case & have just the very light blue tint on your soft lenses, you can't see if they are in the case.

For the price they are OK but would never buy them again. I am only using the pink cases & will probably donate the blue cases (still in the wrappers) to some organization.
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