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Reading Glasses FAQReading Glasses FAQ

  1. What are Reading Glasses?

    Reading glasses are non-prescription eyeglasses that help correct close-range vision issues. People with presbyopia primarily wear reading glasses.

  2. What are Bifocal Sunglasses?

    This type of eyeglass offers both the benefit of sunglasses and close-range focus, all in one lens. These are non-prescription eyewear are versatile for outdoor reading and activities.

  3. What is diopter?

    A diopter is a unit of measurement, specifically, magnification. The larger the number, the more powerful the magnification and the easier to read text.

  4. What are Sun Readers?

    "Sun Readers" is just another name for Bifocal Sunglasses.

  5. Is a prescription required to purchase reading glasses?

    No. Reading glasses are available in standard, select powers, typically ranging from +1.00 to +4.00.

  6. What is Presbyopia?

    It is a condition that progresses with age where the eyes diminish in the ability to focus on near objects. Reading glasses help magnify object or text, thus relieving strain on your eyes.

  7. How do I know which magnification strength is right for me?

    We developed a simple eye chart tool that will help you determine the proper strength for your Reading Glasses. Print Test

  8. Are there different types of Reading Glasses?

    Yes. We carry eight varieties of reading glasses that vary in style and function. You can read and shop for Different types of reading glasses.

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