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LensAlert! Timer Pack
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LensAlert! Timer Pack

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5 Star Rated!
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LensAlert! Timer Pack

Protect your eyes and spend less on replacement contact lenses because you forget how often you've worn your disposable contact lenses with the LensAlert! Timer Pack. The LensAlert! model makes it even easier to keep track of contact lens and case change times with Lens countdown pre-sets of 30 or 14 days and Case countdown pre-sets of 90, 60, or 30 days. The Timer Pack helps keep your lens wearing schedule organized and accurate.

  • Keeps track of when it's time to change your contact lenses and your contact lens case.
  • Includes 3 colored contact lens cases.
  • Contact Lens countdown pre-sets of 30 or 14 days.
  • Contact Lens Case countdown pre-sets of 90, 60, or 30 days.

Customer Ratings for LensAlert! Timer Pack

5 Star Rated!
Date:  3/31/2009
Reviewer:  anonymous
I am a Mom of 3 kids ages 8 to 15. All 3 wear contacts as do I. This little device has changed the way my whole family cares for their eyes. Our eyes feel better because we replace our lenses on time. I don't find dirty, gross lens cases on the bathroom sink anymore. Instead, I find the perfect little LensAlert with the fun, colorful lens case inside - each child has a different color case so they know whose is whose. As a Mom, I could not have asked for anything better. Thanks.
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5 Star Rated!
Date:  4/8/2009
Reviewer:  John
There is a lot of new press regarding the dangers of contact lens cases. Contact lens cases must be replaced frequently because they grow dangerous fungus that can cause bad eye infections. Doctors are telling their patients to replace their contact lens case at least every 3 months - 30 days is highly recommended. LensAlert is the perfect solution. LensAlert tracks both lens replacement and case replacement. It is really nice! I have always wanted a timer for my 14-day lenses because I always forget. Now that I have to remember when to replace my case, it is nearly impossible to keep track. Thank you LensAlert! PS - I love you color cases with the little dog logo!
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