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Refresh Celluvisc Eye Drops (30 ct.)
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Refresh Celluvisc Eye Drops (30 ct.)

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5 Star Rated!
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Refresh Celluvisc Eye Drops (30 ct.)

Refresh Celluvisc Lubricant Eye Gel is a preservative-free over-the-counter artificial tear that provides long-lasting relief plus protection day or night in a soothing gel formula. It comes in convenient single-use vials.
  • Preservative free
  • Extra thick gel drops

Size: 30 containers .01 fl. oz. (0.4 mL) each

Ingredients: Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium (1.0%)(Eye lubricant) 

    Customer Ratings for Refresh Celluvisc Eye Drops (30 ct.)

    5 Star Rated!
    Date:  4/5/2009
    Reviewer:  anonymous
    For approximately the last year I have had a problem where my eyes feel dry all the time. At their worst they have even forced themselves shut. They hurt, quite a lot. I saw an optrician, and tried all sorts of things from prescribed eyedrops, to steroid eyedrops, to heat packs several times a day. The heat packs helped a little, but all in all I was pretty misserable. The prescribed eyedrops(also refresh brand) didn't help much, but did much better than other brand eyedrops which actually made my eyes hurt worse if I used them often. My optrician finally told me that I will probably be dealing with this for the rest of my life. He recommended me to try out different types of eyedrops. I tried these, amongst others, and honestly I couldn't go without these. The difference is truly night and day. The eyedrops are quite thick, and can leave a film under your eyes if it drips there. I insert a drop in each eye, close off the inner portion of my eyelid with my finger, and hold it in, while tipping my head down for a minute or so. It handles my problem, and makes my eyes feel as close as they get to feeling good anymore. If you have moderate to severe eye irritation and pain, I highly recommend you give these a try. Nothing else I've used has even come close.
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    5 Star Rated!
    Date:  1/24/2007
    Reviewer:  Peter
    I had a pink eye due to some sort of allergic reaction (or so my doctor said). I tried a lot of artificial tears during the week I had this problem. This was the best. Hands-down.
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