Evolution Eyes Eyewear E-Specs Computer Glasses EY8319C


Evolution Eyes Eyewear E-Specs Computer Glasses EY8319C

E-Specs Computer Glasses from Evolutioneyes help reduce Computer Vision Syndrome, a temporary condition associated with prolonged computer use. Using an anti-reflective coating and distortion free lenses, E-Specs help eliminate glare and strain on the eyes and increase the sharpness of your vision. High quality plastic frames and spring hinges provide durability and comfort. The preppy designs keep you looking stylish while you keep your eyes healthy during those long days in front of a computer monitor.

  • Lens power is calculated for computer use with a distance of 22 to 16 inches from the monitor.
  • Available in Plano (+0.00) for contact lens wearers and those bothered by reflection.

  • Frame Style: Trendy
  • Frame Shape: Rectangle
  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Power: +0.50
  • Brand: Evolution Eyes Eyewear
  • Frame Color: Pink