Thera Tears Nutrition for Dry Eyes (90 ct.)


Thera Tears Nutrition for Dry Eyes (90 ct.)

The omega-3s in TheraTears Nutrition come from organically grown cold-pressed flaxseed oil, and premium molecularly-distilled (mercury-free, PCB-free) pharmaceutical-grade fish oil. This flaxseed/fish oil blend supplements omega-3 metabolism better than flaxseed oil or fish oil alone, making TheraTears Nutrition great for your health and an essential part of any complete dry-eye relief program.

  • Omega-3 supplement with EPA & DHA-enriched flaxseed oil
  • Rejuvenates eyes at night for morning comfort
  • Nourishes tears for daytime comfort

Size: 90 ct. bottle

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Glycerin USP, Vitamin E (in Soybean Oil), Purified Water.

* We are unable to ship this item outside the U.S.

  • Brand: Thera Tears

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