AC Lens Contact Lenses FAQs

We have put together a list of the most common questions received by our doctors and staff.

How do I order replacement contact lenses from

Ordering is simple. Click on the contact lenses tab and you will automatically be taken step by step through the buying process.

  • You can order on-line with our secure order form or you can call our toll free number 1-888-248-LENS.
  • If your eyes were examined at one of our AC Lens store locations you can select the location from our drop down list and we will verify your prescription with the store.
  • If your eyes were not examined at one of our AC Lens store locations, please have your Doctor's name, address and phone number available for us to contact them to verify your prescription.
  • If you have a copy of your prescription please fax to 1-877-291-8154. Current valid prescription required.

Can I call to place my order?

Yes. You can place your order by calling 1-888-248-LENS. Your order will be processed promptly and shipped to you directly after prescription has been verified.

What if I don't know my prescription?

We will gladly obtain it for you. Please provide us with your doctor's name and phone number when prompted.

Why does my prescription need to be verified?

AC Lens is committed to the health of your eyes. As a lens replacement center, we are only able to provide you lenses from a current, valid prescription by an eye care professional and that you are currently wearing successfully. Verification of contact lens prescriptions is completed prior to shipping to ensure savings, help maintain excellent eye health, and comply with the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act. This law requires that optometrists and ophthalmologists give patients a copy of their prescriptions after a fitting and verify those prescriptions to any third party designated by the patient, such as an online lens seller. This protects patients by ensuring that their prescriptions are current and valid.

Is it necessary for contact lens wearers to have regular eye examinations?

Yes. Contact lens prescriptions have varied expiration dates due to state regulations, doctor preference, and health concerns. A regular eye examination is recommended to check your prescription and to evaluate the health of your eyes. Many eye diseases have no apparent symptoms until significant damage has already occurred. Early diagnosis and treatment are important for keeping your good vision and possibly preventing permanent vision loss.

Can an eyeglass prescription be used for a contact lens prescription?

No. Eyeglass prescriptions and contact lens prescriptions differ. Eyeglass prescriptions differ in that they do not provide the necessary parameters needed to properly prescribe contact lenses. You must be fitted for contact lenses and the prescription will include contact lens brand name, base curve, and diameter that are not components of an eyeglass prescription.

Do I have to get an eye exam first? What if I already have a prescription?

We make things easy for you at AC Lens. Sure you can use your own prescription; you don't need to see one of the independent Doctors of Optometry at AC Lens to order contacts. However, you do need a valid prescription to purchase contact lenses. Please fax us a copy of your prescription at 1-877-291-8154.

But remember, at AC Lens locations, we offer low prices on eye exams for eyeglasses and contact lens exams. So, why not get an eye exam, just to make sure that your vision hasn't changed? Call your local store to learn about special offers at your nearest location.

Call or stop in -- one of our Opticians will be happy to explain all the services we have to offer.

Can I order a different brand of contact lenses than my doctor prescribed?

No. We can only provide you with the brand of contact lenses as prescribed by your doctor. If you wish to order a different brand of contact lens you must see your doctor to be fitted for the new lens, which you have worn successfully. Then you may submit to us the new prescription written for the new brand of contact lenses.

Can I order colored lenses if my prescription is for clear lenses?

We can only provide you with the brand of contact lenses as prescribed by your doctor. If you wish to order a brand of colored contact lenses you must see your doctor to be fitted for the new lens, then provide us with the new prescription.

Can I purchase colored contact lenses if I don't have a prescription?

No. All customers require a prescription for contact lenses as prescribed by an eyecare professional. If you do not require vision correction and want to purchase colored contact lenses, a prescription is still required. Since contact lenses come in a variety of sizes, an eyecare professional must fit them to your eyes.

What if I don't see my contact lenses on this site?

Call us at 1-888-248-LENS. There are hundreds of different brands of lenses. Only our most widely prescribed lenses are featured on this site.

What are your shipping methods and charges?

View our Shipping Information Page

What if I receive a defective lens?

Return the lens to us with the original packaging and we will send you a replacement at no charge. Please be sure to include a note explaining why the lens is being returned.

What is your return policy?

  1. 30-Day Return Policy
    Items may be returned within 30 days of purchase provided they are unopened, undamaged and in original condition. Such returns will receive credit in full, excluding any shipping charges. We cannot accept opened boxes and vials, as we are unable to return these to the manufacturer.
  2. Defective Products
    In the unlikely event you receive a defective lens, do not throw the lens away. It may need to be returned to the manufacturer for analysis. Provided the lens manufacturer agrees the lens is defective, a replacement lens will be issued at no cost. Please note that defective lenses may only beexchanged for the exact same lens and prescription. We cannot issue refunds for defective items.

    Returning Johnson & Johnson VisionCare, Inc. Products

  3. Returns Procedure
    Before returning items, please contact our customer service department by email ( or phone (1-888-248-LENS). If emailing, please include your name, order number, the reason for the return in the email, and whether you would like a refund or exchange. If calling, please have this information available. Our customer service department will issue you a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. This number should be written prominently in the address portion of your return package.
  4. Mailing Address
    After obtaining an RMA number, send your return to:
    Attn: AC Lens Product Returns
    RMA#: (write your RMA here)
    4265 Diplomacy Drive
    Columbus, OH 43228-3834
  5. Mailing Instructions
    Please package your return carefully to ensure your lenses are not damaged in shipment - we cannot issue credit for items damaged in transit to our office. Also, to ensure safe delivery, you should ship your package using a trackable carrier (we recommend UPS, FedEx or DHL). We are unable to issue credit for packages lost in transit to our office. If you have any questions regarding our returns policy, please contact us.

Is it safe to use my credit card online?

Yes. All online transactions at are handled with industry-standard secure server software (SSL) encryption.

The SSL encrypts (scrambles) all information you input before it is sent to us. When you enter your credit card number into the order form, it is transmitted across the Internet in an encrypted form, then decoded when it gets to us. Furthermore, all customer data we collect is protected against unauthorized access.

What is your privacy policy?

At AC Lens, we respect our customers and understand that they are concerned about privacy, so we have instituted policies intended to ensure that your personal information is handled safely and responsibly. Our Privacy Policy, which can be accessed on our website, explains what we do with your information and what you can expect from us. If you have additional questions or would like further information on this topic, please feel free to contact us at 1-888-248-LENS.