Donate Your Old Glasses

Every year millions of people worldwide buy new eyeglasses without trading in their old pair of spectacles. Unfortunately most of those people are unaware that there are well over 150 million people worldwide who need vision correction but can't access or afford proper eyeglasses. Due to poor vision these individuals are at a disadvantage when competing for the jobs and education that would allow them to afford eyeglasses, resulting in a cycle of poor vision and poverty.

AC Lens is a supporter of worldwide vision correction, and we fully support the worldwide access to optimal vision regardless of where those individuals are from.

How to Donate and Recycle Your Old Eyeglasses

Thankfully, Lions Club International has made it possible to donate your old eyeglasses and reading glasses to help people in developing countries.

Not only do your glasses help people who may otherwise be helpless, donating your glasses is also beneficial towards the environment. Whenever you purchase new eyeglasses we encourage you to support those in need by donating your old glasses. Doing will not only help people in need but also help to support recycling and environmental health, and you may even be eligible to receive a tax break for making a charitable contribution.

For more information on donating your old glasses, visit Lion's Club International to learn how to donate remotely, or to find a drop-off location nearby.