Extreme H2O Contact Lenses

Many people stop wearing their contact lenses because they are uncomfortable or dry. Many others can only wear their contact lenses for a short period of time before taking them out. Extreme H2O contact lenses have been developed for these wearers. People with dry or sensitive eyes can now wear contact lenses without discomfort and pain. These revolutionary lenses are made from special materials to allow oxygen to pass through and keep them feeling fresh and clean.

Extreme H2O lenses are the lens of choice for any wearer who is looking for end of day comfort, clarity, and dry eye relief. This is what matters most to patients. Extreme H2O contact lenses are made with advanced, breakthrough materials called hioxifilcon A and hioxifilcon D. These patented materials are made with a glycerin derivative, and have unique water binding properties allowing them to retain virtually all water content through the entire wearing period. The lens comfort, movement, and fit that patients experience when they first put them on, will be present throughout the whole day.

Extreme H2O lenses are a great upgrade for patients who may still be wearing traditional disposable lenses, or have failed in silicone hydrogels.

Extreme H2O 54% − First Choice In Comfort

Made with the latest material containing 54% water, hioxifilcon D, Extreme H2O 54% should be used as a first choice for patients who are looking for end-of-day comfort and visual clarity. This material has enhanced handling and durability features, and is available in both spherical and toric products. Extreme H2O 54% spherical lenses come in two diameter options (13.6 & 14.2), ensuring the right fit and ultimate comfort. Extreme H2O 54% toric lenses are available in both an LC (low cyl) and MC (mid cyl) design, providing significantly improved vision for up to 85% of the astigmatic population.

Extreme H2O 59%

Made with our original material, hioxifilcon A, Extreme H2O 59% should be used as a problem solving lens for patients who experience extreme dryness and discomfort. The material is available in two options, Thin and Xtra. Extreme H2O 59% Thin is for your dry eye patients who need the added oxygen transmission provided by a thin lens design. Extreme H2O 59% Xtra is for your dry eye patients who need the "Xtra" durability of a slighter thicker lens design.