How To Make Your Eyes Lighter - Facts and Myths

In the same manner that thousands of individuals want to change their eye color, many people desire the ability to lighten or darken their eyes. While lightening and darkening your eyes is possible, it's important to know the facts prior to pursuing any eye color change.

Facts and Myths About Lightening Your Eyes

1. Avoid "Herbal" or Supplemental Eye Lighteners!

Most herbal eye lighteners are scams that have no scientific research, and should not be trusted. While there may be a few lighteners that do work, none have been approved by the FDA for safety, and the drawbacks and side effects of applying chemicals can potentially cause long-term eye damage. It's also important to know that a product being "natural" doesn't necessarily make it healthy for use. There are many natural products that can be entirely toxic, or can even cause mild harm or irritation to your eyes.

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2.Contact Lenses Are Still The Easiest Way To Change Eye Color.

Even for those who have dark eyes, brightening your eye color with cosmetic lenses is easy, and much cheaper than most other alternatives. Opaque lenses are manufactured specifically for people who have dark eyes, and there are many types of opaque lenses that feature bright and vibrant colors. The only caveat to wearing contact lenses, is that if you do not already have a prescription, one is required prior to purchase by the FDA, even for plano style lenses. To shop for opaque fashion lenses, visit the link below to navigate to our cosmetic contact lens section.

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3. Eye Color Change IS Possible Through Surgery In Some Areas.

While this may be more drastic than most people care to pursue, cosmetic procedures have been approved that can permanently alter or lighten one's eye color. Most procedures involve inserting a colored implant just beneath the eye's outer surface that can change the color or lightness of your eyes. As with any medical procedure, be sure to consult an eye doctor and perform thorough research prior to making any decisions. It's also important to know that this is a drastic procedure that is performed by few, and likely to be expensive.

4. Your Eyes Naturally Change Tone As You Age.

Just as one's eye color changes from the time that they're a baby until the time that they're a young child, our eyes keep evolving as we grow older. While few eyes become lighter as one ages, the pigments in your pupil often evolve and become darker. In rare occasions however, some eyes may grow lighter.

5. You Can Make Your Eyes Look Brighter With the Right Makeup.

Talk to a cosmetic professional, and they can likely talk all day about ways to bring out your eye's unique beauty. Generally speaking, using darker eye-shadow makes your eyes appear brighter in contrast. Additionally, certain colors such as gold, contrast better with blue color eyes, whereas green eyes stand out when accompanied by violet makeup. As a general rule of thumb, darker colored makeup will make your eyes appear lighter in comparison to the surrounding color, whereas glossy or light color makeup will make your eye color seem darker.

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6. Your lifestyle Affects Your Eye Color!

Day-to-day factors always affect the brightness of your eyes. Studies have shown that your eyes change brightness based off your emotions, external light, as well as your diet. This is typically related to whether your eyes are dialated or not, which increases the density of pigments in your pupil.