Pick the Right Eyeglasses for Kids

Purchasing eyeglasses for your child can be quite the daunting task. Not only do your child's glasses need to be comfortable but they also need to be durable enough to withstand outdoor play, weekend sports, and potential mishandling. Fortunately glasses manufacturers have developed eyeglasses specifically for kids' lifestyles and hobbies.

How to Pick the Right Eyeglasses for Your Child

The most important requirement for children's glasses is durability. Since durability is so important frame materials that are flexible, strong, and lightweight are in high demand. Typical materials for children's glasses include high durability plastics and high strength composite metals. Scratch and shatter resistant lenses are also very important for both visual clarity as well as safety since a lens shattering could be devastating to a child's eye. For children who are athletically inclined, purchasing a separate pair of sports glasses is an easy and affordable means to protect their eyes while participating in their favorite sports. Most children's sports glasses are highly durable and are specifically crafted not to fall off while running, jumping and throwing. While children's themed glasses are popular, many prefer their eyeglasses to be more traditional in appearance and prefer to follow mature fashions for eyewear. Most brands make children's designer eyeglass lines which typically are the same as adult's designer glasses only scaled down to fit children's heads. Children's designer glasses are most popular among tweens and older children who have become increasingly fashion and trend savvy. For younger children themed glasses are a fun way to show off their personality and interests and can range from Sponge-Bob themed glasses to extreme sport eyeglasses.

What to Expect When Shopping for Kid's Eyeglasses

While many kids are responsible in caring for their glasses, a parent should expect to replace their children's glasses at least a couple times as they grow older. Thankfully most children's eyeglasses are less expensive than their adult counterparts. Pointing out that your child looks more grown up, or more intelligent can be helpful in maintaining their self esteem as they grow accustomed to wearing glasses. While children's vision problems aren't as diverse as adult vision problems, children's eyeglasses are made to fix all problems that could possibly occur with your child's eyesight. When shopping for your kid's first pair of glasses, keep in mind that children may not want to wear eyeglasses for many various reasons. For kids who don't like the idea of wearing glasses but require vision correction for proper eyesight, parents may want to consider contact lenses. Just keep in mind that contact lenses require a high degree of responsibility and your child will need to learn proper lens care prior to wearing contact lenses. As always, consult your eye doctor before deciding whether to buy glasses or contact lenses for your child.