Bella Hazel Autumn

By Orion Vision (1 Lens) Cosmetic Bella Hazel Autumn contacts
$28.79 / Lens
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$31.99 / Lens
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Right (OD)
BC 8.6
DIA 14.5
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BC 8.6
DIA 14.5
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Bella Hazel Autumn Product Information

  • Bella Hazel Autumn Contact Lenses are manufactured by Marietta Vision.
  • Bella Hazel Autumn Contacts use a light brown interior with a dark brown exterior curve. Gel-edge technology makes Bella lenses more comfortable than standard cosmetic lenses.
  • Standard ultra-violet light protection is built in to lenses.
  • Bella Hazel Autumn Lenses are optimized for individuals with medium to dark color eyes, and provide a young and vibrant light hazel look.
  • Bella lenses are sold individually, with one lens per vial.
  • All contact lens products require a prescription prior to purchase.
  • Due to the seasonal nature of this product, all cosmetic lenses are a final sale. No refunds or exchanges.
Bella Hazel Autumn cosmetic lenses give a bright sparkle to your eyes, and look entirely natural due to advanced lens design. Bella designer contacts are not only stylish, but are also practical for vision correction in addition to changing your eye color. As with all lenses, a prescription is required by the FDA in order to purchase.