Splaqua Tinted Prescription Swimming Goggles


Splaqua Tinted Prescription Swimming Goggles

*The Green, Orange, Yellow, and Red are discontinued and there are limited quantities left*

Splish Splash in your new colorful Splaqua™ Goggles. Our large selection of Splaquas ™come in a variety of vivid, tropical colors. Whether you are selecting a pair for the excellent quality or because it matches your bathing suit, you'll be satisfied with your new summer staple.

  • Available in a wide variety of powers
  • Polycarbonate lens for durability
  • Offers UV protection
  • Anti fog coating
  • High water and high temperature resistant
  • One piece design for ultimate comfort
  • 100% silicone strap and gasket
  • Durable, plastic case for safe storage

  • Power (Sphere): -1.5
  • Brand: Splaqua
  • Frame Color: Orange