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  • $92.99 $158

  • Lens Width
    49mm 60mm
  • Bridge Width
    15mm 20mm
  • Temple (Arm) Length
    135mm 155mm
  • Lens Height
    28mm 44mm
  • Total Frame Width
    129mm 162mm


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Vogue VO5095B Blue Eyeglasses
$109.99 Vogue VO5095B
Realtree R497 Black Eyeglasses
$111.99 Realtree R497
Vogue VO3918 Black Eyeglasses
$136.00 Vogue VO3918
Vogue VO2962 Tortoise Eyeglasses
$93.99 Vogue VO2962
Realtree R476 Tortoise Eyeglasses
$111.99 Realtree R476
Vogue VO5002B Purple Eyeglasses
$158.00 Vogue VO5002B
Vogue VO2886 Blue Eyeglasses
$92.99 Vogue VO2886
Vogue VO4025 Black Eyeglasses
$125.00 Vogue VO4025
Vogue VO3999 Black Eyeglasses
$93.99 Vogue VO3999
Vogue VO2714 Tortoise Eyeglasses
$125.00 Vogue VO2714
Realtree R475 Tortoise Eyeglasses
$109.99 Realtree R475
Realtree R462 Brown Eyeglasses
$109.99 Realtree R462
Realtree R470 Brown Eyeglasses
$109.99 Realtree R470
Realtree R480 Black Eyeglasses
$111.99 Realtree R480
Vogue VO2765B Brown Eyeglasses
$158.00 Vogue VO2765B
Lilly Pulitzer Laney Black Eyeglasses
from $110.00 was $170.00 Lilly Pulitzer Laney
Realtree R498 Black Eyeglasses
$111.99 Realtree R498
Vogue VO2787 Tortoise Eyeglasses
$125.00 Vogue VO2787
Realtree R496 Black Eyeglasses
$111.99 Realtree R496
Vogue VO3910 Brown Eyeglasses
$98.99 Vogue VO3910
Realtree R422 Brown Eyeglasses
$104.95 Realtree R422
Realtree R431M Brown Eyeglasses
$109.95 Realtree R431M
Realtree R701M Black Eyeglasses
$109.95 Realtree R701M
Realtree R712M Gray Eyeglasses
$109.95 Realtree R712M
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30 Items Items: 1-24 of 30
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