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  • $54.95 $184.94

  • Lens Width
    45mm 60mm
  • Bridge Width
    16mm 21mm
  • Temple (Arm) Length
    135mm 155mm
  • Lens Height
    29mm 42mm
  • Total Frame Width
    115mm 149.2mm


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Viva VV4030 Gray Eyeglasses
$79.95 Viva VV4030
Viva VV4506 Black Eyeglasses
$54.95 Viva VV4506
Viva VV4513 Black Eyeglasses
$79.95 Viva VV4513
Viva VV4515 Black Eyeglasses
$79.95 Viva VV4515
Viva 309 Brown Eyeglasses
$83.99 Viva 309
Viva VV4005 Black Eyeglasses
$54.95 Viva VV4005
Viva VV4039 Gray Eyeglasses
$79.95 Viva VV4039
Viva VV4507 Brown Eyeglasses
$54.95 Viva VV4507
Viva VV4509 Brown Eyeglasses
$79.95 Viva VV4509
Viva VV4511 Brown Eyeglasses
$79.95 Viva VV4511
Viva VV0322 Brown Eyeglasses
$54.95 Viva VV0322
Viva VV4026 Gray Eyeglasses
$54.95 Viva VV4026
Viva VV4025 Brown Eyeglasses
$54.95 Viva VV4025
Viva VV4021 Brown Eyeglasses
$54.95 Viva VV4021
Viva VV4028 Black Eyeglasses
$54.95 Viva VV4028
Jones NY J334 Black Eyeglasses
$164.95 Jones NY J334
Jones NY J457 Black Eyeglasses
$164.95 Jones NY J457
Jones NY J473 Black Eyeglasses
$149.95 Jones NY J473
Jones NY J512 Gray Eyeglasses
from $72.95 was $164.95 Jones NY J512
Jones NY J516 Black Eyeglasses
$149.95 Jones NY J516
Jones NY J730 Black Eyeglasses
$164.95 Jones NY J730
Jones NY J747 Black Eyeglasses
$149.95 Jones NY J747
Jones NY J748 Tortoise Eyeglasses
from $79.95 was $149.95 Jones NY J748
23 Items Items: 1-23 of 23
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