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  • $109 $199.95

  • Lens Width
    46mm 56mm
  • Bridge Width
    15mm 22mm
  • Temple (Arm) Length
    130mm 145mm
  • Lens Height
    25mm 44mm
  • Total Frame Width
    122mm 146.45mm


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One Love Petite Peace Blue Eyeglasses
$134.95 One Love Petite Peace
Superdry Mila Black Eyeglasses
$159.95 Superdry Mila
Velvet Eyewear Gabby Brown Eyeglasses
from $129.00 was $229.00 Velvet Eyewear Gabby
Velvet Eyewear Mare Green Eyeglasses
from $129.00 was $229.00 Velvet Eyewear Mare
Superdry Taylor Black Eyeglasses
$159.95 Superdry Taylor
Velvet Eyewear Mare Black Eyeglasses
from $129.00 was $229.00 Velvet Eyewear Mare
Velvet Eyewear Lauren Black Eyeglasses
from $129.00 was $229.00 Velvet Eyewear Lauren
Superdry Ashleigh Green Eyeglasses
$159.95 Superdry Ashleigh
Superdry Daisy Brown Eyeglasses
$159.95 Superdry Daisy
Superdry Grace Multi Eyeglasses
$159.95 Superdry Grace
Superdry Kloe Brown Eyeglasses
$159.95 Superdry Kloe
Vera Bradley VB Alyssa Brown Eyeglasses
$144.99 Vera Bradley VB Alyssa
Superdry Marley Blue Eyeglasses
$159.95 Superdry Marley
Superdry Jools Tortoise Eyeglasses
$199.95 Superdry Jools
Superdry Blaine Black Eyeglasses
$159.95 Superdry Blaine
Superdry Carter Black Eyeglasses
$159.95 Superdry Carter
One Love Petite Healing Red Eyeglasses
$134.95 One Love Petite Healing
Superdry Jetstar Black Eyeglasses
$159.95 Superdry Jetstar
Superdry Hana Brown Eyeglasses
$159.95 Superdry Hana
One Love Petite Compassion Black Eyeglasses
$134.95 One Love Petite Compassion
Superdry Buddy Tortoise Eyeglasses
$179.95 Superdry Buddy
Superdry Stirling Brown Eyeglasses
$159.95 Superdry Stirling
Vera Bradley Marcella S Purple Eyeglasses
$135.99 Vera Bradley Marcella S
Superdry Mika Tortoise Eyeglasses
$159.95 Superdry Mika
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43 Items Items: 1-24 of 43
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