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  • $54.95 $119.95

  • Lens Width
    45mm 53mm
  • Bridge Width
    15mm 20mm
  • Temple (Arm) Length
    125mm 145mm
  • Lens Height
    27mm 42mm
  • Total Frame Width
    112mm 144.54mm


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Ray-Ban® Youth RY1535 Black Eyeglasses
$103.00 Ray-Ban® Youth RY1535
Ray-Ban® Youth RY1562 Blue Eyeglasses
$94.00 Ray-Ban® Youth RY1562
Lucky Busy Bee Brown Eyeglasses
$109.95 Lucky Busy Bee
Lucky D403 Blue Eyeglasses
$119.95 Lucky D403
Lucky D800 Black Eyeglasses
$109.95 Lucky D800
Ray-Ban® Youth RY9066V Black Eyeglasses
$104.00 Ray-Ban® Youth RY9066V
Lucky Beach Front Black Eyeglasses
$119.95 Lucky Beach Front
Ray-Ban® Youth RY1531 Black Eyeglasses
$104.00 Ray-Ban® Youth RY1531
Lucky D200 Brown Eyeglasses
$119.95 Lucky D200
Blakened DB1010 Tortoise Eyeglasses
from $109.95 was $159.95 Blakened DB1010
Ray-Ban® Youth RY 1531 Tortoise Eyeglasses
$104.00 Ray-Ban® Youth RY 1531
Ray-Ban® Youth RY 1536 Gray Eyeglasses
$90.00 Ray-Ban® Youth RY 1536
Ray-Ban® Youth RY 1550 Black Eyeglasses
$90.00 Ray-Ban® Youth RY 1550
Lucky Spark Plug Black Eyeglasses
$94.95 Lucky Spark Plug
Lucky Wonder Black Eyeglasses
$109.95 Lucky Wonder
Lucky Double Stitch Small Black Eyeglasses
$94.95 Lucky Double Stitch Small
Lucky Dynamo Small Black Eyeglasses
$94.95 Lucky Dynamo Small
Lucky Dive Blue Eyeglasses
$119.95 Lucky Dive
Lucky Favorite Small Black Eyeglasses
$94.95 Lucky Favorite Small
Lucky D702 Pink Eyeglasses
from $54.95 was $109.95 Lucky D702
20 Items Items: 1-20 of 20
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