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  • $104.95 $330

  • Lens Width
    42mm 60mm
  • Bridge Width
    13mm 23mm
  • Temple (Arm) Length
    120mm 155mm
  • Lens Height
    26mm 45mm
  • Total Frame Width
    111mm 162mm


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TC Charton Linda Black Eyeglasses
$280.00 TC Charton Linda
TC Charton Scott Brown Eyeglasses
$330.00 TC Charton Scott
TC Charton Cecilia Red Eyeglasses
$315.00 TC Charton Cecilia
TC Charton Elaine Black Eyeglasses
$315.00 TC Charton Elaine
TC Charton Walter Black Eyeglasses
$330.00 TC Charton Walter
TC Charton Ayumi Black Eyeglasses
$330.00 TC Charton Ayumi
TC Charton Daniel Black Eyeglasses
$165.00 TC Charton Daniel
Realtree R473 Pink Eyeglasses
$111.99 Realtree R473
Realtree R497 Black Eyeglasses
$111.99 Realtree R497
Realtree R476 Tortoise Eyeglasses
$111.99 Realtree R476
TC Charton Yuki Gray Eyeglasses
$315.00 TC Charton Yuki
TC Charton Simon Brown Eyeglasses
$330.00 TC Charton Simon
Realtree R475 Tortoise Eyeglasses
$109.99 Realtree R475
Realtree R460 Black Eyeglasses
$111.99 Realtree R460
Realtree R462 Brown Eyeglasses
$109.99 Realtree R462
Saint Laurent SL144 Black Eyeglasses
$124.95 Saint Laurent SL144
Saint Laurent SL146 Blue Eyeglasses
$129.95 Saint Laurent SL146
Saint Laurent SL147 Tortoise Eyeglasses
$129.95 Saint Laurent SL147
Saint Laurent SL147F Tortoise Eyeglasses
$129.95 Saint Laurent SL147F
Saint Laurent SL29 Blue Eyeglasses
$129.95 Saint Laurent SL29
Saint Laurent SL50FSLIM Gray Eyeglasses
$145.95 Saint Laurent SL50FSLIM
TC Charton William Gray Eyeglasses
$280.00 TC Charton William
Realtree R459 Black Eyeglasses
$111.99 Realtree R459
TC Charton Phoebe Black Eyeglasses
$330.00 TC Charton Phoebe
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68 Items Items: 1-24 of 68
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