YTD - 2005


In a market space that is extremely competitive, AC Lens continues to grow and thrive. AC Lens reported sales of $7.7M year-to-date through September 30, and according to the company, this represents a gain of 48% in comparison with the first nine months of 2004. The company expects total sales of $10.5 to $11M for 2005. "We have been profitable in each year of our existence, and we expect to continue our record of profitable growth again this year." Commented CEO Peter M Clarkson, "I am delighted with the progress we have made again this year, and am confident that we will see continued success into 2006 and beyond."

The company is currently exploring options for a private placement is 2006. "We are proud of the fact that we have continued to thrive without the need for external investment or capital, and that the company remains debt-free. Our growth has been fueled by our own success, and is founded on the outstanding customer service experience provided by our team. Nevertheless, we are considering the possibility of a private placement in 2006 in order to leverage our technology, facilities and systems and take our company to the next level."

"We have been able to grow because of a strong dedication to the contact lens business. Our technology and marketing teams have put the right groundwork in place, and we are now poised to take over an even larger share of the ever-growing online contact lens market," stated Clarkson. "The possibility of private placement would allow us the resources that we need to capture more of this growing market."

A full-service online contact lens and contact lens accessory retailer since 1996, AC Lens has remained profitable each year of its existence, even while other online companies were going bankrupt during the burst. This profitability is largely attributed to strong strategic planning, outstanding industry expertise, and a dedication to customer service that continues to bring customers back.