Different Types of Reading Glasses

Reading glasses are non-prescription glasses primarily used to correct vision problems related to presbyopia. While reading glasses all can be bought without prescriptions, there are a few specific categories of readers that are important to know about before shopping for readers. The 8 Varieties of Reading Glasses
  • Fashion Readers: Fashion readers are reading glasses designed both for fashion as well as functionality. Fashion readers frequently feature patterns and trendy designs made to compliment one's style while also correcting close-range vision. Foster Grant and Private Eyes are famous for their wide range of fashion readers for both men and women, both of which can be purchased at AC Lens.
  • Men's Reading Glasses: Men's readers aren't any different than standard reading glasses in design, but are typically made in larger sizes and masculine styling. Men's reading glasses are popular as stylish alternatives to more generic reading glasses that are made for both sexes.
  • Women's Reading Glasses: Similar to Men's reading glasses, women's reading glasses are made with feminine designs specifically to appeal to women's fashion trends. Women's readers are typically smaller than men's reading glasses are, and frequently feature patterns and designs on the frame itself.
  • Makeup Glasses: Makeup glasses are a highly specific style of reader designed to assist in the application of eye makeup while still allowing vision correction. Normally, wearing glasses while applying makeup would be impossible, but makeup readers allow the removal of one of the lenses so that the makeup can be applied while the other eye experiences proper vision through a corrective lens. Peepers manufactures a highly popular style of makeup glasses that can be bought online at AC Lens.
  • Computer Eyeglasses: Computer eyeglasses are similar to normal readers, but are designed to alleviate symptoms of computer vision syndrome. Where readers are designed for close-range focus, computer eyeglasses are made to focus on objects in the mid-range viewing distance, while also blocking irritating monitor glare.
  • Sun Readers: Sun readers are similar to standard reading glasses, except they feature a tinted lens for sun protection. Sun readers are fashionable and popular for people who like to read outdoors, or simply need mild vision correction for outdoor activities.
  • Bifocal Readers: Bifocal readers offer similar vision correction as normal reading glasses would, except they can offer vision correction for both close-range vision as well as distance viewing. Bifocal readers are convenient for people who want a wider range of vision with their reading glasses.
  • Bifocal Sun Readers: Bifocal sun reading glasses are simply sun reading glasses that utilize bifocal lenses for close range and distance vision correction.