Fourth of July Fireworks Pose Significant Risk For Eye Injury

Fourth of July Fireworks Pose Significant Risk For Eye Damage. Columbus Ohio - June 19th, 2012 - With the 4th of July inching closer and closer, it's important to be aware of safety concerns that are associated with Fireworks. Fireworks account for over 9000 injuries every year, most of which occur during the week of July 4th. Most firework accidents come from the use of retail fireworks, such as sparklers, bottle rockets, firecrackers, roman candles, and other similar explosives. While most injuries are relatively minor, there are fatal injuries every year, and permanent eye injuries are a little known risk which are more common than most people would believe. 21% of all firework related injuries in 2010 were eye injuries, which is staggering considering that hand injuries were only 9% more common than eye injuries. "While all injuries related to fireworks should be taken seriously, it's much easier to recover from a burn on your hand than it is to recover from a burn on your eye" says Dr. Peter Clarkson, president of optical retailer AC Lens. "Permanent blindness and impaired vision often occur from eye contact with firecracker shrapnel, hot material from sparklers and bottle rockets, or even fallout from larger professional firework displays. While most don't take fireworks such as sparklers seriously, they can cause serious eye damage if hot material reaches the eye. Sparklers burn at over 1800 degrees fahrenheit, so it's important not to hold them close to yours or others' faces." According to Dr. Clarkson, "the best way to avoid eye damage from fireworks is to avoid using retail fireworks altogether. But if one does choose to use retail fireworks, wearing safety glasses, or even impact resistant eyewear can provide some extra protection in case something goes wrong. The most important practices involve using fireworks as instructed, keeping a safe distance, and preventing children from using fireworks." About AC Lens AC Lens opened in 1995 with a vision to provide high quality contact lenses at lower prices through the then emerging internet. With over fifteen years of success, AC Lens is one of the largest online retailers of optical products featuring affordable pricing with award winning customer service. Visit AC Lens on the web at Contact Information: Bob Drumm Marketing Manager AC Lens Phone: 1-888-248-5367 Fax: 614-921-9866 Marketing @ ###