Here's a Little About Us

We're one of the largest online full-service eyewear supply companies because of one man's idea to conquer the uncharted frontier of the internet. The year was 1995 and our founder, Dr. Peter Clarkson, was convinced that the new and unorthodox platform might just be the perfect marketplace for contact lenses. Despite a few eye rolls, Dr. Clarkson built his first website, got an 800 number and within hours of launching he had an order. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The screeching of dial-up has since quieted, and our website and company have evolved, but one thing has remained constant— AC Lens is still in the business of helping people look good, see clearly and save money. And because we don't ever want you to lose any hard-earned cash, if your new glasses or contacts don't suit you, we'll take them back. No questions asked. It's our promise to you that AC Lens has your eyesight— and your back—covered.