Boston VII

By Independent RGP Labs (1 Lens)
Boston VII contacts
$4099 / Lens
Lens Prescription
Right (OD)
Left (OS)
Pharmacy Certified

Boston VII Product Information

  • Boston VII contact lenses offer clear vision with high visual acuity.
  • Excellent choice for people with sensitive eyes, dry eyes, or astigmatism.
  • Patented, ultra-smooth, non-stick surface resists dirt and debris so lenses stay fresh.
  • Good option for people who have had difficulty wearing soft lenses or eyeglasses.
  • Additional charges may apply for aspheric, toric, or bitoric designs.

Rigid Gas Permeable lenses are small, durable, slightly flexible lenses that are custom designed to fit your eyes and can be made in a wide range of parameters. Gas Permeable (GP) lenses correct astigmatism and provide sharp clear vision. GP lenses are specifically designed to allow oxygen to pass through the lens to reach your eye to keep it healthy and comfortable. GP lenses are more durable than soft lenses, so they typically last much longer.