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Made with high grade materials and unique designs, Croakies brand eyewear retainers are a premier way to keep your eyeglasses and sunglasses safe from harm. A stretchy, narrowed down version of its cotton counterpart, Croakies Micro Suiters are designed to fit small to medium sized frames. Made from a blend of Lycra and cotton, Micro Suiters are every bit as comfortable as Cotton Suiters, but also provide some built-in elasticity. If you need sunglasses cords or straps for your next adventure, Croakies are reliable and renowned for their high tech designs and comfortable wear.

  • 16" long (each side) & 1/8" wide
  • Cotton & Lycra® blend
  • Adjustable slider bead
  • Washable
  • Fits small frames

Croakies Micro Suiter Solid Glasses Leash

  • Brand: Croakies

Croakies Micro Suiter Solid Glasses Leash

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